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6.5 Arisaka ammo

hello all,
I am currently negotiating the trade of one of my rifles and a gentleman on armslist has offered a pair of arisakas in trade. one is a type 99 which I have been looking for for some time and the other is a type 44 carbine which I am not particularly looking for however with the relatively low numbers it was made in I feel as if I would be a fool to pass up on the opportunity to own one. I see that it uses a standard 6.5 round .264 diameter so reloading components would not be hard to to come by however pre loaded or current production brass are very hard to locate. midway advertises norma but it has been discontinued and is out of stock and there are no other places I'm seeing any online. anybody know where a feller could find brass and reloading data for this round?
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