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I have been attending a local gun show held four times a year for about 25 years now. My oh my have things changed. It used to be that you could find the best deals at this show. Prices got lowered for the show, then raised back up at the dealer’s shop. Now it’s the other way around. Prices get raised for the show, then lowered at the shop. I happened to bring this to the attention of a new dealer in the town nearest me. I have been considering buying my son a Savage AXIS in .223 for a range rifle. Saw one at two gun shows ago at this new local dealer for $380. Went to his shop a week later, exact same rifle, $360. At the last gun show a week ago, exact same rifle back up to $380. Exact same rifle, I asked him. As far as I’m concerned, $360 is too much, let alone the $380 gun show price. Used guns are priced like new now, that never used to be. Also, it’s becoming difficult to weed threw all the cheap China made knifes, beef jerky, candy and baked goods.

One good thing about this local show, it’s a great place to buy reloading supplies. I don’t have to pay the Haz-Mat fees for items delivered to my home. In the past 15 years I’ve bought only one gun from this gun show, but hundreds maybe thousands in reloading supplies. It’s the only thing that keeps me going back.
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