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In defense of unique (oddball) calibers.

I sadly learned of the demise of Ruger's SP101 in .327 Federal Magnum. That's not to say that the .327 is gone, but to say that it will be mainstream anytime soon would be mistaken. Look, I understand the numbers. That's just the way it is.

I carry that gun. I love the caliber. I have to admit, I often enviously look at the guys with three ring binders of reloading data for ONE caliber. They can buy ammo at Walmart.

Not me. It's reload or shop hard. And that's fine with me.

But I WILL defend the .327 as a viable, if not occasionally superior caliber for defense and hunting. Just because it's a back burner caliber doesn't reduce it's effectiveness.

Who want's to defend theirs? (I have to admit to being tempted by the 10 MM lately!)

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