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Originally Posted by GEM
Given similar incidents like Martin, the new one in Florida with the kids and loud music vs the not found shotgun, guys pulling guns over punches in line on Black Friday and the like - the public will have in their mind the memories of irresponsible gun owners. Even though responsible far outweighs that. Folks remember the emotional vivid incident and overestimate its probability.
I almost started a thread about the loud music incident, but thought it might become too contentious. Though the point I was going to make in it, fits well in this thread too.

When one of our own fellow firearms owners crosses the line, we have to condemn it. I'm not suggesting not giving someone a fair trail, or rushing to judgment in any way. What I am suggesting, is that we should not circle the wagons around bad behavior, ever.

In the Gravest Extreme, is the title of Massad Ayoob's excellent 1980 book, on the role of firearms in personal protection. I remember ordering it in 1980, after he talked about it in his Guns & Ammo column, or I saw an add in the same publication, I can't exactly remember.

In the Gravest Extreme, catchy and descriptive. Thats when firearms should be used, when there is no other way to save your own, or someone else's life, or prevent the same, from great bodily harm. Not when you are in a fit of rage at some teenagers, no matter what they look like, or who they are.
"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."- Thomas Jefferson
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