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It's the most affordable past-time I picked up, shooting old boltactions at camp as a youth. I'm actually looking to get a nice bolt action soon. But as of now, i shoot my 1022. It's probably not the biggest challenge for the elite target shooters, but I love smacking golf balls consistently from 55 yards (lazer ranged)......and I just love doing this with the new CCI Quiet ammo. The round moves so slow and combined with the low report, ya get a chance to hear that satisfying high pitched smack as the golf ball goes flying

I get the CCI Quiets at my local gunshow for 27 bucks per brick. They don't cycle semis, but they have a pleasingly low report. I've shot them at ranges up to 125 yards at fence post size targets. Was when I found out I could turn my 1022 into an accurate pellet rifle.

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