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I have a loaded M1A for about 12 yrs, bought extra stuff along with the scope mount, which I will never use. MY eyes are 74 yrs old and this rifle is to much fun to muck it up with a scope or a bipod. Get a good leather comp sling and learn how to use it. If you are going to reload what you will need is the small base dies.
I am not recomending this load but what I use for fun shooting is 150 gr FMJBT that I bought in bulk don't know the maker, 43gr IMR 4895, LC brass, WLR primer. With this at 200 mtrs +9, 300 mtrs +16, 385 mtrs +20, 500 mtrs +24, and at 650 yds + 32. This won't be exact for you as conditions vary and how you sight the target but should get you on the berm. Again this is not a compition load.
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