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How big was the Baby Brownie?

I traded away my little Browning 25acp pistol about 40 years ago, a gun I bought new in 1966 for $43 in a Texas department store (no paperwork, no waiting period, just showed my Texas driver's license and paid cash). I've often thought about that neat little, but probably not very effective gun. Recently looking at my Ruger LCP I wondered just how much smaller was that old Browning, and would the size difference make it worth my while to look into finding one again? While not the best overall round, the 380 acp seems to be a reasonable compromise, allowing me to carry a very small handgun with 7 rounds of a moderate hitting power. I might not ever carry a 25 acp anyway, but I have fond memories of that little pistol. Once, when reaching for my cigarette lighter on an airplane trip (yes, you could actually smoke on airplanes in those days), the 25 fell out of my pocket onto the seat (it was unholstered of course). Even then it was not legal to carry such on to an airplane. I saw the startled expression of the gentleman sitting next to me, and told him it was just a cigarette lighter!
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