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Agree with ya buck.

Deer get used to seeing/smelling certain things that are the norm in their surrounding little world.

Horse's and cattle are prevalent around here. Neighbors boy (now in his 40's) hunted deer off a mule when he was in his teens for a couple seasons and claim's you could literally ride up and almost stick a gun in a deer's ear and kill it. Took the fun of hunting out of the picture so he quit using the mule.

Wildlife also get used to seeing farm equipment in the fields as well. I've been working in the field on many occasions, been done in one end of the field and had deer or turkey come out in the open field with me.

They also get used to smells such as smoke from chimneys or trash burning barrels as well as the sounds and smells of chainsaws in timber country, etc...

...but I don't think you'd be to successful hunting deer with a chainsaw.
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