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Glenn E. Meyer
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IMHO, my other valued staff moderators:

1. Revolvers are great pocket guns. I love my J frames for situations where belt carry won't be as comfortable with concealment. Shorts and a T shirt.

2. If I belt carry - then tupperware. G19 or 26. Had a Glock in 40, traded it. My 1911 - fun gun but too big for little old me for constant carry - although I did yesterday.

3. My Model 19, if in the country where there are lions, tigers and bears (well, not tigers) for backup of the long gun.

I am going to shoot a revolver next week in IDPA for grins. I shoot them reasonably accurately - but reloads are a hassle but it's a game and I just want the trigger time with them for practice. Maybe my J - 327 mag.
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