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I have never shot a dog in my traps, but not difficult to release? Lot of inexperience talking on this page. Throw a coat over their head? Are you nuts? If the dog is not half crazy with fear already that will tip him over the edge. I put my coat over a cat that looked pretty clean (Not ferrel) and it looked like a pillow fight by the time I got him loose. There went my goose down coat. Ever notice how close your face is to a dogs mouth with no snare stick? I remember a dog that looked like it was mixed with a Rottweiler. I went and got my neighbor to help and I used to be a big guy. We got him loose with a snare stick, but it was a fight. Then after he was loose I had to throw stones at him to make him go away. (I already had a dog.) I AM the voice of experience. The trapper is always wrong. The Game Warden always tries to smooth things over with Joe Public, so you are wrong no matter what. I agree, check those traps every day. Only a slob would not because you will lose fur money. I am curious what the reaction would have been if the post was "Keep your dogs at home".
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