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Originally Posted by Tom Servo View Post
It can be done, and often is. I'm usually carrying a 3" K-Frame.
Oh, I know people do, but I'll never understand it.

Take your 3" K-frame versus my Glock 33

The K-Frame weighs 36oz empty, the Glock weighs under 20oz empty and just 26oz LOADED, with 10 rounds versus the K-Frame's 6 or 7. The loaded K-Frame is at least 50% heavier than the loaded 33. I could carry 2 spare mags, totaling 28 rounds and have less weight than a 6 shot K.

The Glock is 6.5" long, the K is 8.2

The K, 1.47" wide, G33 1.18.

Despite being 33% longer, the K manages only about the same sight radius as the 33.

Ya'll can carry whatever you want and I'd love a big, fat, heavy, 460SVR for hunting, but there's no way I'd carry a revolver for defense.
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