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I grew up in the day of the revolver.
the only auto was the 1911.

My dad was a cop when I was in high school, and he carried a S&W .357 chrome with pachmire grips.

There is some value to a revolver, they don't jam. They are pretty to look at. Other than that, I carry a Sig Sauer 9mm. greater capacity ammo, as reliable if you take care of it.
there is a faction of gun owners that are all about wood furniture an if its a old gun its a good gun.
Personally I prefer a good synthetic grip/stock that functions before looks. If I am forced to use a weapon in a combat setting, I very well may be using it as a hammer/club to what ever need arises. Try that with old wood grips. No thanks. Give me a good synthetic polymer frame and handle on a modern gun any day.
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