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Rob96 thanks for the real life experience with DPMS guns. There is a stocking dealer listed on the DPMS website right here in Ft Worth name Panther City Firearms. They are closed on moday so I think I will slide over there tuesday and see if they have one in stock or can order one and how much. I found the model want on GB buts its a little more than what I want to pay.

Madcratebuilder thats what I'm talking about. Nice rifle. I just like the retro look. Plus I prefer the 20" barrel. The lightweight one. Thanks for posting that.

I tried to find PSA but all the site showed was handguns. Do you have a link?

Never mind. I did a search here and found palmetto state armory. I didn't see any rifles like I am looking for. It looks like you have to put your own together. I just want to buy and shoot.

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