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Revolvers aren't going anywhere. My local shop never has a used quality revolver sit more than a few days. Quality never goes out of style and there are enough of us handgun hunters to never let them go. As much as I love my polymer automatics, they will never ooze the quality and mechanical satisfaction as a quality revolver. The da-click-clack of cocking a revolver is as profound as the ka-shlack sound of a pump shotgun. Not to offend fellow Glock owners but owning many Glocks from their beginning of the brand, all my Glocks are disposable and can be easily replaced. I use them in environments I don't want to damage my nicer handguns and they will only ever be a soulless tool (great tool) in my collection. I will never fondle any of my Glocks for the fun of it like I do my revolvers. I like my Glocks but I love my revolvers. I also never feel under gunned carrying my S&W 629 with only 6 rounds of 44mag on my hip or bandoleer holster.

There are gun owners and gun lovers. Many people can own a gun and don't know anything about the gun other than to load and fire them in a emergency.

Gun lovers want to know how and why all guns operate and drive the culture. The later class of gun lovers can distinguish quality and generally can explane the inner most workings of every gun they own and tell you why they are special. These people will never let revolvers die.
"I'm a good guy with a gun" What do I care if I give up some freedom or rights?....The Goverment will take care of me. This kind of thinking is now in the majority and it should concern you.

"Ask not what you can do for your country, but what free entitlements you can bleed from your country"

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