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Would like to try prairie dog hunting

I'm from NE Wisconsin and each year at the end of Oct. we make a trip west Pheasant hunting. We went to SD for several years and for the past four years we have been going to ND. There is a dog town close to the farm where we hunt in ND and a couple of guys brought their AR's this year and were shooting at the dogs. Looked like fun and will bring my AR and maybe my .17 HMR there next year. I was thinking that it looked like fun and would give me some extra time behind the trigger. That being said, I started thinking I might like to take a trip earlier next year to just find some prairie dogs. Any idea how far west I would have to go before I could get some shooting in? It sounds like most ranchers that have them are wanting to get rid of them. So I guess most would let you hunt their lands to rid them from their land. Any ideas or thoughts on what to do would be appreciated?
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