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Is there any law or something about +P ammo in Las Vagas ?
As far as Midwayusa I am about done with them. They have raised their shipping costs and also prices on certain items I have ordered in the past.
I was placing an order online for $147.00, nothing was on sale and I entered a coupon code for 25.00 off my order and a window popped up saying I could not use the coupon because the following items were on sale.
It listed 1 item was on sale for 1.00 off and another item for 3.00 off. Thetwo items were not on sale when I added them to my order. I have a feeling they were on sale all of a sudden just to avoid me using the coupon code. I cancelled the entire order. Then I get an email from them asking why I cancelled my order and I returned an email saying what happened and have not heard from them in 4 days.
A friend told me he orders from Midsouth Shooters Supply and I went to their website and found everything I had in my $147.00 order to midway for $31.00 less and their shipping is cheaper also.
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