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The necks will be turned (are already turned). For this little test of mine, I'll be using Nosler cases that have been neck turned, primer pockets reamed, weight sorted, and the flash holes have been cleaned up. Once I've decided on the specific load to shoot, which hasn't been done yet, I'll be:
- Full length sizing them and shooting 5 groups of 5
- Partial resizing them and the 5 of 5
- Neck sizing with Redding non-bushing and the 5 of 5
- FL sizing with the new (not yet acquired) Redding FL bushing die and 5 of 5

If 5 groups of 5 don't give me enough info for a decision, I may ramp up to 10 groups of 5. I'll need more bullets.

All shooting at 100 yards, because that's how long my range is (actually 107 yards, but hey...)

Then, because somebody said that prepping cases didn't matter at all, I'm going to load and shoot some random headstamp cases I have that are not prepped at all. I haven't decided what die to use on those cases. It'll either be the std FL die (Hornady) or the new Redding FL bushing die.

I'll be ignoring bullet or neck runout. I don't have the gear and am not going to order it.

This is all about me personally finding out (if I can) which method of case resizing works best for accuracy. It's understood that there are limitations, chief among them being the shooter (me) and the rifle (Ruger Hawkeye Stainless/synthetic). But except for the competition guys, those limitations are the same ones that most all of us have.

I've been reloading and shooting for 30 odd years, and I have accumulated a long list of preconceived notions about what makes for good accuracy. BartB and a couple of others have disturbed (in a good way) my thinking about those preconceived notions. I think that's good, but now that I'm not sure about the things that I used to be so sure about, I need to determine for myself how, using equipment available today, to shoot my best. There will be no attempt by me to convince you of anything. I'm doing this for me because I am extremely interested in what I'm going to find out. I will share this with the forum if there's anything worthwhile to share. And if all I get from this is confused, I'll share that with you too.
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