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Let's see, favorite parts of hunting.

Taking the climber stand up a tree and fighting the urge to take a nap as the winds sways the tree back and forth. No better sleep in the world. And it goes without saying that the view is always a beautiful one.

Watching animals go about their daily routines oblivious to me. The more I watch the more I wish we were all more like them. I especially like spotting animals that are normally very hard to locate, like bobcats and bears. I love being as close as possible to the other animals without them noticing me.

Currently my favorite hunting method is with a muzzleloader, and I absolutely love that big POOF of smoke that obscures your view, and the whole process of loading and cleaning one. I also love the relative silence and tranquility that goes along with bow hunting. No loud gunshots, no deer dogs running around disturbing things, less people out in the woods.

And of course, the friendship and laughter that goes around when someone has gotten lucky is always a high point. A certain someone has been trying to get the ups and downs of cleaning a deer this season, and that's been a lot of entertainment. She's definitely not shy about getting her hands bloody.
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