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I have had my TCP for a couple years now and really like it. The only thing I like better for pocket carry is MY Sig P238 that my wife is now carrying.

The trigger, feel of the gun, slide stop, price & quality feel are the reasons I went with it over the LCP or the Kel Tecs (and all the other pocket autos available at the time)

The only malfunctions I have ever encountered with mine is that it WILL NOT work with the cheap Tulammo. It won't even chamber a round. I am not sure why...... But, then again the Sig 238 won't function with that ammo either.

The only reason I was hesitant on getting mine was because you always hear about the poor QC and CS that Taurus has. But, with the TCP I figured it was so inexpensive it wouldn't be a HUGE loss if I ended up selling it at a loss or even throwing it away. (shrug) Plus, if you ever have to actually use it for it actual purpose and it is taken as evidence or whatever you are not out too much $$$ if you never get it back.
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