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Update time. Found the deer at around 8:15 this morning.

Went back out this morning around 7 or so and started a wider area search. After about 45 minutes I found a spot where he had stumbled through, followed the tracks for about 30 or 40 yards and finally found my first blood. Not much, but anything was better than what I had found yesterday. Followed the tracks and found where he died about 50 yards further. From there something found him and dragged him about another 50 yards. Ripped in to his formerly sensitive parts and had a dinner of deer guts. So at least I know he's not limping around with a busted shoulder, and something in the woods was fat and happy when it went to sleep last night.

Upon inspection, everything looks like it was a good shot. Maybe a little lower than I would've wanted under ideal conditions, but by no means a bad shot. Several of the buckshot went through the first shoulder, through the body cavity, and exited the opposite shoulder. I was shooting 20 gauge Federal 3" #2 buck. Patterned beautifully and completely tore that near shoulder up. I guess he was just one tough S.O.B. or something. Total distance from shot to where I found him was probably 250 or 275 yards.

Picture attached, don't click if you don't like deer gut pictures.
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