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Thanks for all the great replies,,,I can tell there are a lot of much more experienced shooters than I am on here,,,especially in combat pistol training.

And that is the best way to learn,,,from someone more experienced who is willing to share and teach.

Great post on how to safely do a 360 degree sweep of your perimeter where there might be friendlies in the environment.

From everyone's posts I have revised my thinking,,,to me this is not a hard and fast rule it depends on the circumstances,,,if after a confrontation or a shooting you feel confident in reholstering your firearm without looking while keeping your eyes downrange for danger more power to you that is probably the best way,,,however if after a confrontation or a shooting, where every nerve in every cell in your body might be firing, and you have been extremely vigilant in clearing the area and you have possibly attained safe cover if there is any and you feel the need to take your time and be extremely careful and maybe even looking while reholstering,,,I see nothing wrong with that also.
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