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Revolvers are dead? Long live tupperware!

I've accidentally stumbled into many "first time" CCW classes at the local ranges--Florida has lots of those, especially with everyone wanting to buy a gun for defense these days. Usually a tacticool expert shows gun fearful folk how to perforate a target at 3 yards without shooting yourself or dropping the gun (both are arguably useful skills).

Every first time shooter I see these days wanders in with some tupperware semi. There are no revolvers, alloy/steel frame guns are also absent.

While I wouldn't recommend a 1911 for a novice shooter, why not a revolver? The design is inherently reliable, you don't have to worry about jams and misfeeds. I don't see people shooting revolvers for target practice, either... except the rare few old timers blasting silver dollars single handed at 25 yards.

Every gun these days is some OD green or FE beige tupperware, complete with tactical stuff. You can't buy alloy at the gun shops, except for LEO turn in Sigs. Everything comes in plastic, has a ridiculously short barrel, and holds enough rounds that even if you are **** shot, you're bound to hit SOMETHING if you pull the trigger enough.

Gun sales are strangely psychological, and there are too many factors as to why revolvers and metal frame semis are falling away. I can only mourn them.

Except 1911s. There will be plenty of nuts who continue to buy them to keep the market alive, thankfully.
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