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It is not the's you.

The CZ75 is a real sleeper. Great Gun. Excellent value. If you're a prepper or someone whom is isolated from the gun market after your inital purchase a CZ would be good choice.

Since either the CZ75 or the 92fs should be serviceable for the next 75 or 80 years, some think a 92fs stands a better chance at multiple future PM check-ups. The 92sf is also on many an 'approved' carry list so the demand for anyone whom might need a handgun for work would find a 92fs more versitle.

On one hand, the 92fs isn't too popular with the civillan sport pistol shooting crowd. On the other hand, I've seen plenty of U.S. Special Forces types and LEOs, whom have no other choice other than a 92fs, shoot one very well; very well indeed. Good Luck with your choice.
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