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For those of you who have the Kadet conversion, how much (if any) fitting was required to fit the standard 75 frame? I am somewhat leery of this endeavour, but it can't be that difficult.
I spent maybe, 20 min stoning mine to get it to fit.
Had I known then, what I know now.....(how often in life to you hear/say that eh?).

#1 - it's not difficult in the least. If all you want is a "blaster" you could probably fit it in 5 to 10 min.

#2 - Ever hear/read the raves about a "hand fitted" gun?
If you take your time and really, really, really take your time fitting it - the conversion can be a very precision firearm - right on the same par w/a very expensive target pistol.

My eternal regret is that I never bought a Champion trigger set and another Kadet conversion for my CZ75b.
That would have been one rock and roll Bullseye gun.
While I really despise competition......the idea of seeing some discouraged faces on some "equipment snobs" has a lot of appeal to me...
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