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I've had my TCP for a little over a year. I like the light weight, but the recoil is pretty sharp. I load the magazine with Buffalo Bore .380 ACP 100gr HCFN and have a Pachmayr sleeve on the grip to help keep a good grip on it. It is possible for me to be accurate with it at short range as long as I don't flinch in anticipating the recoil. I can hit a Coke can at 10 yards with it, but I wouldn't say it is easy. I have experienced jams with it, especially with cheap steel cased ammo.

I bought a S&W J-Frame (Model 36) with a bobbed hammer a few months after the TCP. It is heavier and carries two less shots, but as a snubby revolver, it has many advantages compared to the Taurus TCP. It hasn't jammed on me (Tula ammo had jams, FTE's, and misfires with the TCP), recoil is not as severe, can be employed at contact distance or inside a coat pocket, I am more accurate with it (can drop steel plates at 25 yards), I can load and unload it one-handed, and it doesn't have an internal lock that can malfunction. I can also load my own practice rounds.

If I had to choose only 1, it would be the J-Frame, no contest. The TCP is great for what it is, but it's no J-Frame.

I carry the TCP in my front pocket of my jeans or my robe, where the J-Frame is either too bulky or too heavy.

To answer your questions:
1. (I thought it is striker-fired, but it has an internal hammer). It sounds like a spring is what makes that noise. I have read that holding the trigger down will prevent it from resetting, but I haven't personally experienced those problems. I'm just not as comfortable with an internal hammer as I am a visible hammer.

2. The trigger pull is light, compared to a double-action revolver, but I have no concerns about carrying it in a pocket holster. I wouldn't carry it without a holster though!

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