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How much crimp, if any?

I have been loading pistol rounds for a while, but now I am setting up dies for my first go around with rifle reloads. I am working on a plinking round for our 30/06. Here is what I have so far:

Dillon 550 using two tool head and a Redding Deluxe die set.
Tool head #1 - Full length sizing, to be used only when I trim cases
Tool head #2 - Neck sizer, powder measure & crimp/bullet seating

For this round am using Sierra 125 grain. Every thing looks good and consistent, but I put one in the bullet puller and the bullet came out after three solid whacks. I know that the force in which I am swinging the puller is subjective, but my pistol rounds take 7 to 10 whacks. Sorry, but whacks is all I have. The bullet does not have a cannelure or crimping groove.

Is there a better way to test a seated bullet. If I hold the bullet and tap the case on the counter, I don't get any movement. I just want to do it correctly. Any advice?


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