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Dusty Wheeler quote : "I bought both the 44 special and 45 Colt/ACP convertible Flattops in both barrel lengths cuz I couldn't decide. The 45 with 4 5/8" barrel is my favorite and a constant companion. I shoot more ACP's than Colts but both shoot really well.
I've had original Blackhawks in 45 and 44 mag for 20 plus years and like the new Flattops better. "

I own a 4 5/8" blued flat top in 44 Special. I really like the gun, but in terms of weight - don't find it much different than my fullsized Blackhawk in 45 Colt. (I think Brian Pearce wrote in Handloader that he'd like to also see an alloy frame version of the gun, like the originals - for less weight.) Dusty, I wonder if you would please comment on the weight & handling of your 4 5/8" 45 Colt flat top versus the flat top in the same barrel length in 44 Special. Do they feel the same to you . . or different ? How does your 45 Colt 4 5/8" flat top compare to the standard sized Blackhawk in the same chambering ? This may also help out the original poster in this thread. I've never had the chance to ask someone that owns the guns in both 44 Special and 45 Colt and in both barrel lengths. (I'm thinking about getting a flat top 4 5/8" in 45 Colt too. But if they weigh about the same as a regular Blackhawk, don't know if I'd want to spend the money.) Thanks !
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