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OTOH, the gun that is on your person is not available to any of the above.
Hi, folks. Been a while, but I'm still around from time to time. :-)

For me, what MLeake said pretty much says it all. Correct me if I'm wrong, Pax, but wasn't concern that one of your (then young) children might get hold of a gun without you being present the reason that you initially decided to always carry? I don't have children, but they do visit my home, so the same precautions need to apply.

I feel as Pax does about the psychology of carrying always vs. sometimes. Unless I am going somewhere where I'm legally unable to carry (the post office, a government building, or California) <sigh>, I carry. That way, I don't have to think about bad things happening except when I'm practicing with the gun or otherwise thinking about what to do about those bad things. For me It's simply a better mindset, as well as better security.
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