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Yes, the AT&T guy had a valid reason to be at my house, he was selling services offered by AT&T. I have no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is when my wife calls me and says "a large man on the porch won't leave until he talks to you." I was an hour or so away from home and my wife was by herself with a giant at the front door.

Luckily this was a benign incident but what if next time it is not? That is why I started this thread, not because AT&T bothered us. I was asking advice on how I can get my wife to be better prepared for these types of things and not calling her husband that is an hour away and unable to help her.

If this guy meant harm and was just wanting to talk to me on the phone to verify that my wife was in fact home alone he would have succeeded. The guy hung up on me after I told him to give the phone back to my wife and leave my property. In the few seconds it took to call her back I was terrified as to what may be happening to her.
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