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I don't think you can go wrong with either pistol.

I was shocked how slick the action and trigger on my Beretta were right out of the box (but after adding a $7 D spring). The CZ was a bit less expensive than the Beretta, but a trigger job brought the CZ and Beretta to roughly the same price, but with the trigger now in the CZ's favor.

I somehow like the CZ's all steel construction even though I will never wear out the aluminum '92 frame.

The CZ seems more dense to me, if you can imagine what I mean. It is a relatively slim, heavy pistol, and the Beretta is wider and seems a bit lighter (or at least the weight is distributed differently). For some reason, that combination makes the Beretta a smidgen lighter recoiling in my hands (still can't get my head around why that would be the case).

The CZ is more ergonomic. Its grip takes a single screw, which allows for a palmswell that just melts into your hands. If you are a Hi Power fan, you will find that it handles similar to the HP.

Both have a strange shaped tang, in that it seems to angle down ever so slightly. The Beretta's tang is more gradual, rounded, and feels good in my hands. However, I have big palms, and the CZ's tang actually digs into the web of my hand. It doesn't draw blood like a 1911 GI will for me, but just one mag becomes uncomfortable. So, I will be selling my CZ75 to buy a CZ SP01, which has an upswept beavertail tang and is very comfortable to shoot.

Handle both if you can. Shoot both if you can. Go with which one fits you and your shooting style best. Can't go wrong with your choice. Let us know how you make out!
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