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Taurus TCP questions

Had a chance to handle/dry fire the taurus TCP, Kel-Tec P3at, Ruger LCP, S&W Bodygaurd (380), S&W 642, Ruger LCR.

Taurus TCP had the best trigger, and felt pretty good (second only to the snubbies). The semiautos also concealed better in a pocket than the snubbies. The taurus TCP is much cheaper than any of the snubbies. I read a bunch of reviews of the TCP, it seems all 380 autos have had/have problems until they get broken in or you find ammo that they like, but i'm calling that a wash between anything that's not a revolver.

Two things about the TCP bothered me:

1) When I dry-fire my current guns or any of the guns mentioned here, I usually hear a 'click'. When I dry-fired the TCP, i heard a 'sproing'. What does this mean?

2) The trigger was actually really nice.....possibly too nice for DAO? How light is too light for pocket carry in a holster?

Any thoughts on these two questions?

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