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Alright, a complete turnaround from what I had been planning all along. Time will tell if it was a mistake, but it was probably an impulse buy to say the least. I just found out from that Palmetto State Armory is having a weekend special for the GSG 1911 22 for 269.00, extra mags are 26.99 so I picked an extra one up as well. They also advertised free shipping over 50.00, but there was an additional cost of 7.00 for ground shipping. I bet its to cover insurance/general firearms requirements. All inclusive, the order was 303.00, plus probably 15.00 for my transfer. 318.00 total for the GSG and an extra mag. Less than Bud's 319.00, which still is one of the better prices on the net. Like I said, a definite impulse buy but just the same a cool new toy to try.
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