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"I do believe that it is possible to obtain an AR for near mini price, but you won't bring it home today."

I guess if you exclude the entire used rifle market.

Nothing really wrong with the mini.

There are a lot of other 223 rifles out there also though.

AR 180s are really cool. The B models take AR mags. They sell for $600 to $800. The Originals usually go for $900 to $1500.

You can get Aks chambered in 223 if you would like. The prices on those are all over the place.

There is a VZ-58 chambered in 223. I think those are around $900.

There are Galil rifles also. A clone will be from $500 to $700. The real ones are $2500 and up.

FNC are pretty cool, but they are usually $3000 and up.

Hk 93 rifles are fun to shoot, the originals selling for around $3000, and the clones selling at about $500.

If you want to spend $11,000, you can have your very own semi auto Famas.

I think someone mentioned it, but Keltec makes a 223 rifle also. I think those are around $500 now a days.

You can get a nice Valmet in various models from $1000 and up.

The Robinson armament XCR and M96 are cool rifles. The M96 is styled like the Stoner 63 rifle.

Sig has the 551 and 556. and The 550, but I think the 550s trade around $8000-$10000 now.

There is also the Steyr Aug. The new ones are running about $2000 and the older ones somewhere from $2500 to $3000

The Scar 16 and FS 2000 are FNs recent offerings.

You could get an AR 70 by Beretta. I think they are around $2000 now if you look hard.

I can't think of anything else.

Did I miss any?

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