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In terms of getting a good cheek weld when using a scope, there's few things I detest more than "see-thru" rings. In my experience, they make an already unwieldy scope even more unwieldy, not to mention the neck-craning needed to get a good sight picture. I'd recommend a pivot mount (like those made by Weaver) instead of see-thru rings if one ever feels it necessary to access open sights in lieu of the scope in the event the scope becomes unusable for whatever reason.
I have not suffered this problem with his 1895 nor has he or anyone else that has shot it complained of such, rather he insists upon ghost rings on all of his more recent firearms purchases. I find the cheek weld on his is quite similar to just about any other scope rifle I've used. I do have to adjust my cheek weld to use the peeps however it is not an uncomfortable nor inconvenient setup. pivot mounts are very expensive compared to standard ghost rings and many of the more affordable brands can cause serious changes in point of impact. everyone is different however based on what I've seen from his rifles I would not hesitate to use a similar setup.

also from the claims that long eye relief optics are necessary I could not disagree more. I have fired a number of 45/70s and had the "intriguing" experience of firing a thompson center contender in 45/70 with a short eye relief scope....that was to put it mildly. the 1895 SBL is a kitty cat in comparison and offers similar recoil to a standard weighted 30-06, there is no reason that any shooter should be unable to cope with the recoil of such to the extent that they are "dummy ringed".
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