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Stars are a mixed bag.

The good news is that almost all of them are fairly cheap to buy today, due to high production numbers and low prices when new, and some models are excellent values. The bad news is that some models have a reputation for inferior durability, particularly those with aluminum frames, and a number of their later models were not well liked due to a combination of outdated design features and dubious quality control.
It kinda reminded me of a cross between a 1911 and a Walther.
I'm a little confused about which pistol you're discussing here.

For years, Star produced a line of pistols that were essentially slightly scaled-down M1911 copies, albeit with a few significant changes- they lack grip safeties and have external extractors and pivoting triggers, plus mag disconnects on some models. Common models include the Model B, Model B Super, and Model BKM. Was it one of those?

OTOH could it have been a Firestar?

FWIW you can find loads of info about the Star model lineup here:
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