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Originally Posted by Acerdog
I like the Alliant MP-300 with the 300gr XTP. Need to go to alliant web site for load data.
I've been meaning to try that. It looks really good and may be the powder Buffalo Bore uses for those hot .45 Colt and .44 Magnum loads, among others. Notice I say may, but have no idea. All I know is that MP-300 develops impressive velocities.

Originally Posted by oneoldsap
If I may offer a word of caution here , max loads will shorten the life of your S&W M29 ! If you want to shoot gnarly loads on a regular basis , get yourself a Ruger SRH . Especially if there's a pistol scope in your future . I have been shooting the 300 XTP over 20 Gr. of W-296 for years as a hunting load , it smacks stuff down with authority . My ammo won't even chamber in a Smith (too long)
Thats true, I use them very sparingly in my Model 29 and pre-29, well at least my pre-29, but extraction is easy and they're so great on meat, that I still carry them for hogs and deer, if I use any of my .44s. I've tried all of the ones below and 300 grain XTP with 20 grains of H-110/Win 296 is a great load. It expands to 70+ caliber at velocities as low as 800 fps, it does it in gel, through all the FBI protocol tests. It does it in water and wetpack and deer and hogs. Its top notch for hunting an SD.

cartridges and projectiles are, from the left: 250 grain Nosler Partiton HG with 24 grains of H-110/Win 296 CCI magnum pistol primer, 250 grain hard cast Keith type 22 grains 2400 with Win large pistol primer, 300 grain XTP 20 grains H-110 CCI magnum large pistol primer and the projectiles, 300 grain XTP, 240 grain Gold Dot, 240 grain XTP, 210 grain Gold Dot. Revolver is my S&W .44 Magnum, 6.5" blue, shipped in July, 1956, the first year of production, so I'd hate to shoot it loose.

I have my S&W 29-2 stoked with them as well. It was shipped in 1976 and I've had it since 1985, so I don't want to blow out its cylinder walls either.

I've got a blue 5.5" .44 Ruger Super Black Hawk and if I want even heavier projectiles a 7.5" .45 Colt Ruger SBH, pictured below with some hot loaded 250 grain XTPs. I can't remember the load right now, but its very warm.

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