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603country, I like your attitude. So get a Redding full length sizing die with a couple of bushings.

Redding's full length bushing dies are popular with virtually all centerfire rifle competitors as well as Sierra Bullets. Sometimes they'll get one made that matches their cases' dimensions more precicely but they still size down fired case bodies and set shoulders back about 1/1000th inch. They use bushings with diameters 1 to 2 thousandths smaller than a loaded round's neck diameter. I don't think that's needed unless you're shooting hand made bullets in 22 or 24 caliber barrels in short range benchrest. Even then I think it would be hard to see any difference.

Most any seating die will do a good job if the sized cases have straight necks that are not too much undersize for bullet diameters. And full length sizing dies without expander balls but instead bushings (or their neck sized to a bit smaller than loaded round case necks, just like bushings) have always made case necks straighter and better centered on bottleneck case shoulders because the case body is well supported when the neck' sized down and the shoulder's set back a bit. Neck only sizing dies cannont do this and never will.

I've said this before and here it is again. Sometimes, neck only sizing will shoot just as tiny groups as full length size cases. Benchresters learned this years ago. But most interesing is what happened to the largest test or competition groups they fired; they got smaller. Less "fliers" or "wild" shots. Aggregate scores are based on average group size across several from small to large. If the largest groups are smaller, the aggregate winning numbers are smaller. They miss their aiming point not as much as they did with all sorts of neck only sizing.
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