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Beretta quality is gone

In February of 2012, I purchased a new Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm pistol from Grady’s Great Outdoors in Anderson, SC. On Saturday November 17, 2012 I went to our local gun range to do some shooting. I was using the Beretta PX4 Storm and a new box of 9mm Remington ammo 115 gr. JHP (# L9MM1B). The first four bullets fired as normal and hit the target. The next round fired but failed to eject. I field stripped the gun and the fired shell fell out. I made sure the barrel was clear and unobstructed, replaced the magazine and loaded the slide and fired the next round. This round did not go off “it was a dud”. I field stripped the gun again removed a complete round. The barrel was totally clear, no obstruction was noted. I replaced the magazine and reloaded and fired the pistol and again no shell eject. I fielded stripped the gun again and discovered that the shell was still in the barrel of the gun and it was pushed backward. I could not remove it at the range but I did note that the round had fired.
When I got home I carefully tapped the on the barrel through the ejection port and the barrel and shell fell out. I cleaned the gun as I always do after shooting and discovered that the barrel would not fit back into the slide. The next day I took the gun to Grady’s Great Outdoors gun shop and they told me it had to be shipped back to the Beretta. That cost me $31.00 in shipping fees. Now I’m told by the Beretta representative that it will cost me $349.00 for a replacement barrel. I am 100% sure that nothing was ever obstructing the barell. ATTENTION BERETTA PERSONAL: IT IS THE little blue warrant booklet with three arrows at and top, you may want to read the information and become familiar with it. When I researched the internet for what type of 9mm I wanted I was impressed with what I read about Berettas’ PX4 Storm and could find no negative commits. BUT BUYER BEWARE: BEFORE YOU WAST YOUR MONEY AND CHANCE YOUR LIFE ON THE BERETTA STORM, take time to make an informed decision, is this the gun for me...
I had a Smith & a Wesson MP Series pistol that had to go back to the company, no problems---fixed on the spot. Same with a Ruger SR9 send back to Ruger, and the handgun was fixed and back very quickly. But not with Beretta. Like most USA companies, “they take no responsibility after the sell unless you have you have lots of $$$$$$$$”, I paid hard money for what I thought was one of the best 9mm on the market. I was completely wrong.

Michael G. Phillips
Easley, South Carolina
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