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Star 9mm?

Went to the range with a buddy who hadn't gone shooting in many years. He wanted to sight in a Star 9mm he had for home defense and get a feel for the gun (again, it had been sitting in a case for many years).

The gun looked like it had been kept in a toolbox in the back of a truck for the entire time. Finish was...optional, and there was a copious amount of surface rust here and there. The gun ran like garbage - was reluctant to seat a magazine, could see sparks flying every time you pulled the trigger, and generally was didn't want to eject the shells.

Thing is, I absolutely *loved* how the gun felt in my hand. The size was dead on what I'm looking for for a concealed carry weapon (I realize it's all steel, that's kind of part of its appeal) and I just really felt some chemistry with the gun. It kinda reminded me of a cross between a 1911 and a Walther.

Anyway, is the ****-poor performance a result of no oil/cleaning and sitting for 5+ years or is it a cheaply made pistol that's a headache waiting to happen?

Also, curious what the going rate was. All I can seem to find were .45 caliber versions online and the gunshop isn't really a short hop away to check out. I'm aware that they are no longer being made and may be challenging to locate. This one was pretty darn old.
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