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The SIG is a re-branded GSG, which was reviewed by awhile ago, here:

From the review:
We received one surprise before we even began shooting. Most .22 conversions make it clear that they are calibrated for high-velocity ammunition and may not function reliably with standard velocity fodder. We test with an assortment anyway, of course, but we expect some issues in cycling with the lighter, slower loads. The owners manual for the GSG 1911 states that the pistol is set up to function with both standard velocity and high velocity ammunition.


A very pleasant surprise was that, throughout our entire test of this pistol (accounting for a few hundred rounds), we encountered NO malfunctions. No failures to feed, no jams, no failures to eject ... not even a single failure to fire. We were impressed, especially considering that the ammunition we used ranged in velocity from a sedate 1070 fps up to 1260 fps. In addition, the GSG 1911 didn'r appear to be as "picky" about ammunition as some .22 firearms can be. If there was no one ammunition choice that really stood out as head-and-shoulders better than all others, at the same time the pistol shot acceptably well with all the ammunition we used, meaning that an owner can anticipate a decent day of plinking regardless of what ammo he can find available.
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