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Up until the last post, no one had mentioned the different frames possibly involved, and no one has asked which .45? Big difference. The .44 Specials are all midframe flattops (and same frame limited distribution fixed sight New Vaqueros), while the .45 is either that same midframe flattop or the larger frame "regular" Blackhawk. The latter can take--and is the one you want--if planning to shoot "hot" or "Ruger Only" loads, a choice usually made for hunting. If you just say "Blackhawk,' it's usually assumed to be the large frame--meaning cylinder frame--(and typically with aluminum gripframe and ejector housing vs the midframes all-steel components). OTOH, if you're talking "apples to apples" platforms between the .44 Sp and .45, you'd be referring to the smaller midframe,...which is technically still part of the "Blackhawk" line, but usually just called "flattop."
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