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New Browning BLR 308 stainless

If you were following my other thread this is old news. I drove 300 miles round trip for a new Browning BLR (Browning Lever Action) in 308 stainless. I love it. It is a little bigger feeling than the Marlin 1936 30-30 I just sold but it is just as light. It has nice open sights, much more precise sight window, and the finish in and out is perfect. I gave it a thorough inspection at home and there are no, get that no imperfections that I can see. $869 is a lot but I think its worth it. Gear driven, twisting lock bolt, glass smooth receiver, chamber, barrell, etc. High gloss stock. (don't like thinking of banging that up.)

I shot it today, shot great, a little high at 75 yards. Will sight it in eventually more thoroughly but I was surprised on how light the kick was. I'm a big guy so that helps. I shot 150 fusion bla bla... cartridges. I really like it. If your wondering about getting one, you will not be disappointed. Put a nice Browning leather strap on and off to the woods in am. Won't take a shot past 80 yards or so as I don't have scope and haven't sighted past 75 yards. Again, thanks for all the info on 308's and lever actions etc.
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