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Skunked Again--Tips?

Well, it's year 5 with no elk. Apparently even my great hunter of a father even went 5 years once without an elk. I think it might have been after the Irish Elk went extinct, but I'm not sure about that one. I think I'm gonna go after the coyotes mercilessly this year. I've got a fancy new (not really fancy) decoy coming for Christmas. I'm hoping to connect with some using my new toys. I'm not into custom calls or anything yet, but I've got a couple plastic calls of various makes and have connected on a big female this year. My dad got the bull of his life, this year, though, so life is good.

So here's to the "Tips?" part of the title. Any yote tips out there? I'm fairly new at this still. It seems simplistic to me to use just decoys, howlers, and rabbit squealers to get them in, but is that really all it takes other than practice and persistence? I understand it's not easy, but I'd like to have some success on something this year. After the fire, even squirrels around here were quite a bust this year. Rabbits and yotes are what I have left.
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