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The process is properly called hydrographic dipping, and when properly done by experts should result in an excellent product.

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* I've had a riflestock done by Bell & Carlson, a few years ago when they were offering their Special Effects System (same thing).
They dipped a black plastic Remington Model Seven stock in Realtree camo for me, which looked like new when I sold it after shooting & hunting with it for 3 years.
There was a 3 week turnaround - exemplary service, IMHO.

* Last Spring, I had another dipper apply a woodgrain pattern to a two-piece rifle stock(s), that also came out very nice - but I'm not naming the company, due to myriad delays & chasing on my part to get my completed stocks back (3 mos later).
Evidently, the company's owner was running more than the one business at the same time, and very much let things "slide".
While the work was eventually rec'd & good, I wouldn't use that particular vendor again, due to "agita".

* My issue T/C Omega was completely hydro-dipped, lock/stock/barrel, with realtree by T/C during manufacture, and showed zero wear or other issues in 6 years of hunting/shooting, before I sold it & reverted to traditional BP rifles.

Here are some other companies:


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