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CZ, bring back the full Kadet pistol! (And other musings)

I've been having an itch to buy a combat-style .22 for plinking and range practice, and have found myself gravitating toward either a 1911 style or the CZ models. I know that there is the Kadet conversion, and I have a SP-01, however the dedicated .22 pistol would be awesome in the CZ platform. It would appear that I am a decade or so late! I can't remember if I saw a post on TFL in 2000, or another forum when I was doing research but at that time a fellow was able to buy one for 200.00, and another for 300.00 or so. Now, since the model has been discontinued for some time, the price has skyrocketed to 700.00+. Would it be wrong to assume that more people than I would be willing to purchase the dedicated Kadet if it was being produced again? (Hopefully for less than 700.00 though).

Now, to perhaps discuss the Kadet conversion itself and 1911 platforms:


For those of you who have the Kadet conversion, how much (if any) fitting was required to fit the standard 75 frame? I am somewhat leery of this endeavour, but it can't be that difficult.


Also, has anyone had much experience with the RIA/Armscor 1911 XT .22? I really like the all-steel composition, but I still have to watch some Youtube videos to see what its about... I'm not sure Im digging the design. It probably is very accurate, but the whole cut-out; M-9 lookalike deal is different.


Also, I am not discounting the Marvel conversion for my Springer Mil-Spec. But, again, I'm not certain about how much fitting is required.


There is the possibility of buying a completely unfinished frame (i.e. an Essex (sp)?) and a conversion slide and building one from scratch, but I don't have much advanced gunsmithing experience; probably pretty apparent since I'm questioning the minor fitting of conversion slides ). Brownell's does have a step by step procedure on their website for building 1911's, but boy it sure seems like a daunting task.

I know there are quite a few parts to this post, but advice on one or all points is very much appreciated. Alas, if CZ only started producing the Kadet again at a reasonable price point, these questions would probably be for naught.
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