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I would've loved to have taken a second shot, I normally do regardless of how good the first shot seems...... but all I had a view of at that point was rear-end. Shot was broadside, when he started running he did so angled away from me. He crossed behind several trees that blocked my view and fell as he was going across an old logging ditch. When he got back up and started walking, from where I was all I got to see was little flashes of his rear as he went through the holly trees. Since I didn't have a clear shot I didn't take one, after watching him crash down so hard after the first one I guess I thought he'd just go right back down after a short walk.

Ran all the lights down to dead, no luck. Gonna go back out in the daylight and look again. With the total lack of blood I'm beginning to question if my shot really found the mark, but I really felt good about that shot when I took it. Supposed to be in the low to mid 30's overnight I think, hopefully nothing else gets to him first. It gets in to some really thick reeds and swampy parts down there so there are lots of places that can be easily overlooked. I've never lost a deer before, or had to leave one overnight like this. Sucks.
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