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Ok Bart, you tell me what die to buy and I'll buy it. I have to admit that I'm not that fond of Lee equipment, and I haven't ordered anything yet. Maybe a Redding collet die is what I need. As for seating dies, I use Redding comp seating dies for most all calibers. All this shooting might take months, so I'll buy more bullets.

Tell me specifically what die I need and I will buy it and use it. Money isn't much of a problem unless you tell me that it's made in Switzerland by elves and only during a full moon, and made from Unobtainium.

No point in doing this if I don't do it to the point that I satisfy myself. And no matter what I do, somebody can say that "well, ya shoulda tried this...". And I still wonder if I'll get data that firmly suggests that one thing is better than the other things. And...I'm doing this at 100 yards, so that leaves me open for somebody to say "well, ya shoulda done it at 600 yards". There will always be somebody that isn't satisfied or convinced, and there's nothing that I'm going to do that will be forever regarded as the official and final answer, and that's fitting. I'm doing this for my own edification, though I will report what I find if it's worthy of being reported.
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