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Most sabots will hold up even with 150grn equivalent of BP in my experience. I have friends that shoot 3 T7 pellets with the 200 and 250 sst *in proper sabot* with extreme accuracy.
^^^Very true, but most bp rifles have a 'sweet spot' as far as getting their best accuracy. Since the OP is having key-holing as well as accuracy issue's, I was merely suggesting experimenting with different powder charges to better find his.

Too, if you go with the PowerBelts, my experience with them out of two of my own rifles as well as shooting with friends using PowerBelts, if you use a powder charge much North of 110grns. you will loose accuracy consistency quite rapidly.

I'm here to tell ya... CVA's like their own bullets (Power belts) the dang gun was designed to shoot them. This is not to say something else won't work. All modern in-lines have a slightly different bore diameter! Ya can't just buy a box of sabots and some powder and expect to shoot a 1 inch group right out of the box.
Very true statement...My Optima shoots PowerBelts very well and with the ease of loading is what I mostly shoot out of it. It will shoot SST's also but I still opt for the PowerBelts.

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