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I don't own a 9mm carbine, but I have done a lot of T&E on them just cause I think they are cool. I am pretty sure I have shot at least a few magazines through all of the current offerings (there are over a dozen).

The JR carbines are fraught with issues, even now. Some run, some don't and I have seen a few fail catastrophically.

If I was going to spend my money, it would be between 2. The Thureon and the Lone Wolf.

You did not ask, but IMHO, there are better options than a 9mm carbine for serious work. The added 150 or so fps does not gain you any real benefit over the handgun. The point of moving up to a long gun is two-fold...increased accuracy and increased horsepower. So you get slightly improved accuracy in a less compact weapon with a tad more energy.

If you have to have an AR platform, the .300 AAC with a supressor is a far more versatile, and vastly superior round with just a barrel swap on any AR.

If you have to have a PCC, then take a look at the Thureon in 10mm. With the 10mm in a carbine, you are more than double the energy of the 9mm.

AR styling with a medium cartidge more your flavor ... take a look at a X30R from Excel arms. They are pretty cool and use .30 Carbine magazines which are cheap and hold 10 to 25 rounds.

The 10mm and .30 carbine offer great improvements in energy levels in a still compact package with moderate recoil and a noise level that is comparable to the hotter 9mms, but much less than a .223.
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