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ka26 ......Wow, when I called the ATF they said I had to get approval from the chief of police....
Verbal "advice" from ATF or any government agency is worth the paper its printed on.

The only time approval from a CLEO is required in regards to firearms is the CLEO signature when applying as an individual for an NFA tax stamp.

also the local city officials here said that they were fine with it as long as I got the chief's approval.
City officials opinions do not count.......laws, ordinances, HOA covenants do. Make sure you have it in writing that you can conduct business from your home.

Even though I don't need the chief's approval, I do still need to know who the chief is don't I? Under box #27 it asks for name of CLEO and CLEO's address.
Your county will have a Sheriff..........use his name and address.
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